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Pitt Rivers Museum

Emblazoned Trobriand War Shields Collection

Trobriand War Shield Data collected at PRM:


Made by: 1893 – Trobriand Islands
Material: Wood Plant            - Pigment
Process: Carved – Painted
Collected: 1893
PRM Source: Steven’s Auction Room
Acquired: Purchased July 25, 1893

Accession book entry (for 1892.68.1 - .4):
Purchased as part of a four (4) shield purchase from Steven’s Auction Room, July 25, 1893.
Display label as 26 2 1997: ‘Trobriand Ids. 2.10.0. £2-10s-0d].’’
Painted, curved (?) wooden shield.

No additional information on catalog index cards. [JC 26 2 1997]

The PRM collection of Trobriand war shields was apparently examined by Patrick Glass; see page 61 of ‘The Trobriand Code: An Interpretation of Trobriand War Shield Designs,” by Patrick Glass, Anthropos, Vol. LXXXI (1986), pp. 47-63. [JC 26 2 1997]

Length 76.5 cm [SWW]

Condition notes: This shield is very faded. Design at lower portion of the motif is somewhat unique, looks somewhat like a spiral. There are closed ‘E’ designs almost an ‘8’ or closed ‘H’. [SWW: 25.03.1997]