A Trobriand/Massim Bibliography

Seventh Edition: August 2011
Allan C. Darrah
Jay B. Crain
The DEPTH Project

In 1965, Dr. Jay B. Crain created the first Trobriand Bibliography which was updated in 1993 by Gardener and Darrah and expanded to include materials from other islands in the Massim. The 1995 edition was compiled by Darrah with the help of Claire Chiu and the members of the Trobriand Seminar at CSUS. In 1999 and again in 2000 Darrah was responsible for the updates.

Darrah and Crain have completed this 2011 update. This bibliography is very much a work in progress, containing a few incomplete citations and no doubt many errors. Anyone who would like to make additions or corrections should contact Darrah or Crain at

Criteria for inclusion of materials has been flexible in terms of both geography and subject matter. The geographic focus has always been the Trobriand Islands and neighboring societies associated with the kula; however, there are also items which focus on Milne Bay Province and Papua New Guinea. Even though there have been no limitations for inclusion based on subject matter the main thrust has been ethnography. One major exception to the geographic criteria has been made; works by and about major Massim scholars, which contain little or no information about the Massim, are included.

The compilers which to acknowledge major contributions made by Macintyre (1983) and more recently Hide (2000) and most especially the superb PNG bibliography of Terrance Hays ( Important contributions were also made by Leach, J. (1978), Firth (1957), Glass (1991), and Kuehling (1998). We also wish to express our gratitude to the Department of Anthropology at CSUS for their continuing support of the DEPTH Project.

Certain idiosyncratic mark up conventions have been employed to assist members of the Depth Project. Works which are part of the DEPTH’s collections have their date of publication underlined while works which have been digitized and are currently part of the DEPTH database have their date of publication in bold. An [E] symbol, next to the author’s name, indicates that the text was chosen by Annette Weiner for inclusion in eHRAF database.


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